Incheon, a city with unlimited potential

     Congratulations, you have chosen the unlimited investment potential of Incheon


In June 2002, when the entire nation was engulfed in waves of scarlet red, the world focused its attention on Korea as the nation finally began to realize its unlimited potential at the World Cup. Behind the nation’s success, there were people like Coach Hiddink who invested in the potential of Korean football. The outstanding results as well as the joy and satisfaction that came with it were enjoyed by the Korean people and Coach Hiddink. Now, Incheon Metropolitan City wishes to share its business success and satisfaction with the people who take interest in the unlimited potential of the city and decide to invest in it..

With its development as a key city in the northeast Asian region, Incheon Metropolitan City has all the elements of a ‘Penta-Port’ that will help it take a step forward as a global hub. First of all, the city features various Airport support systems based on Incheon International Airport which is primed to become a hub that connects Asia with Europe and the Americas. It also has a Seaport which is expected to serve a pivotal role in international logistics, and a Teleport (a new city focusing on information technology) that will become the Mecca of information and telecommunications technology by promoting the knowledge and cutting-edge industries. In addition, Incheon is home to a Leisure port which means it is a city for tourism and culture equipped with natural gifts in places like Yongyu and Muui. Finally, the city is a Business port which is expected to become the center of global business based on its successful bid to host the GCF. With this ‘Penta-Port’ plan, Incheon has the necessary environment of an international city which is rare anywhere around the world.

In 2013, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) at the Economist – a UK-based weekly journal covering current affairs and the economy – put Incheon’s future competitiveness at no. 2 in the world. In a survey directed at heads of organizations across the country (a total of 91 offices across the cities and provinces) asking which city was the best to conduct business, Incheon came in first place. Numerous countries and corporations from around the world have already recognized the unlimited potential of Incheon and decided to invest. To nurture this limitless potential and help it blossom into tangible results, the Metropolitan City of Incheon will continue to develop sustainable long-term plans and execute them with precision.

Incheon is a city with infinite potential equipped with world-class infrastructure. It’s a place where corporations from around the world can enjoy more incentives and benefit from various services. Incheon Metropolitan City will spare no efforts in becoming ‘Infinity City, Incheon’.

A gateway to the entire world, Incheon. It’s time to channel your investments exclusively to a place with potential.

Yoo Jeong-bok

Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City